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RALEIGH, N.C. – Innovative creative services agency The Marketing Machine ( is leveraging a hugely successful change to a hybrid model to further expand into new markets in the coming year.

Consolidation of resources and physical relocation to downtown Raleigh offices were two of the main factors leading to portfolio growth in 2012 for The Marketing Machine as it approaches its 15th year in business.

“We reconfigured our staffing to a mix of in-house staff plus off-site contractors by the end of 2012,” Paul Spinak, president of The Marketing Machine (TMM), said.

“We have two levels of contractor, depending on the clients’ needs: some are fully engaged in providing expertise for a specific client on an ongoing basis, while others are cherry-picked for particular design or copy assignments. The core services maintained in-house—including production and media management, branding and marketing strategy, creative and art direction—provide structure and continuity, while the contractors and partnerships make it possible for us to provide cost-effective flexibility for customers and their changing business needs.”

By altering its operational model, Spinak explained, TMM was able to reduce its overhead and relocate from Morrisville to Raleigh in order to be close to clients as well as the creative vibe of downtown. In doing so, the firm not only maintained its access to available creative resources, but actually added seasoned-professional partners to its extended team, providing new service offerings to clients such as web development, search engine optimization, PR and media relations.

By re-conceptualizing our agency, we were able to greatly improve workflow and improve the quality of our finished products to better serve our customers,” Spinak said.

The dedication to longtime clients and notable success of marketing campaigns within various industry sectors including healthcare, software, construction, retail, and life sciences led to strong referrals, diversifying TMM’s client base.

“Years ago we had a good deal of mom and pop retail clients, and while we still have several, we also have a significant number of successful accounts that are mid-sized companies in biotechnology, law and technology,” he explained, adding, “Our entire team embraces the opportunity to lead our clients in directions they haven’t thought of to find new business, strengthen the brand and maximize existing customer relationships.”

Successful 2012 efforts included a complete rebrand for a healthcare practice, software company, and a sleep disorder clinic; multiple website redesign and internet marketing campaigns; a major marketing campaign for a large nonprofit; helped give birth to a brand new company seeking investors; email and direct mail acquisition campaign for a leading synthetic wine bottle closure company; comprehensive branding project for a luxury apartment home complex; and business development strategy for a construction company to compete for new customers in the midst of a recession.

As businesses and nonprofits in multiple market sectors continue to deal with a rough economy and greater competition for customers in 2013, Spinak sees continued increases in business owners and marketing directors outsourcing marketing, PR, and creative services initiatives that require regular maintenance, such as an ongoing email and web marketing and branding campaigns.

“With our help, clients are able to pull together all facets of their marketing to create a brand that resonates with prospects and customers and drives sales,” he said.

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About The Marketing Machine
The Marketing Machine is your go-to partner for comprehensive branding, marketing expertise and strategy, campaign planning, project management and graphic design solutions. We are an innovative creative services agency specializing in helping our customers grow their business, whether it’s a company getting serious about their marketing or high-profile nonprofit or corporation whose MarCom staff is wearing too many hats and needs a reliable partner. The Marketing Machine boasts years of experience and expertise working with business owners, C-level executives, and marketing directors as an outsourced member of their internal team, enabling TMM to address every project with open communication and a focus on professionalism. Our creativity-friendly business structure and location in the heart of the action in downtown Raleigh help create an environment of excitement and innovation in our team that is passed along to our clients in the work that we do. Learn more about how you can start building and maintaining a strong brand at

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