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Say Hello to the TMM Team—Each an Integral Part of Our Machine

team, The Marketing Machineteam, The Marketing Machine

Paul Spinak

Creative Director (Head Mechanic)

The original, one-and-only TMM founder and “head mechanic”, Paul is the agency’s creative director, marketing strategist, brand guardian and sales force all wrapped up in one high-octane package. No doubt you’ll have met him at your very first call; Paul will continue to discuss opportunities with you and be available anytime you need him. Otherwise, he’ll be watching over all this Machine produces, ensuring the TMM seal of awesomeness on every project.

team, The Marketing Machineteam, The Marketing Machine

David Sardinha

Co-Owner/Director of Accounts (Consigliere)

David is our strategist, consigliere and the nuts and bolts guy who ensures our accounts are running smoothly. He enjoys consulting with our clients to help them maximize their business success. Being a bit of a serial entrepreneur, in the past, David has managed businesses in the corporate world as well as owned and operated a variety of his own companies. He gets what it takes for a business to compete and be successful in the marketplace. Business Development is his game, whether it’s for TMM or as an advocate for our clients. Ask him about anything, and, if he doesn’t already know the answer, he’ll help you find it.

team, The Marketing Machineteam, The Marketing Machine

Aaron Price

Senior Graphic Designer (Pixel Pusher)

For over 20 years, Aaron’s graphic design and photography experience have allowed him countless opportunities to pursue his artistic passion. Aaron has an innate ability to view every project with fresh eyes and ideas. These ideas have helped brand hundreds of companies from the ground up and propelled their success through creative branding and a unique corporate image. From concept to completion, Aaron excels at producing award-winning designs. The bottom line is he loves what he does and it’s visible in his work.

team, The Marketing Machineteam, The Marketing Machine

Milica Lakobrija

Account Coordinator (Padawan)

This Jedi Knight has training and experience to fight the dark forces of missed deadlines, unmet expectations and project milestones. Millie keeps the team at The Marketing Machine humming along, ensuring that your projects are done on time. She also works with various vendors to help you get the best final product. The force is strong with this one.

team, The Marketing Machineteam, The Marketing Machine

Angie Scala

Web Designer/Developer (Zombie Instigator)

Another multi-faceted team member, Angie triples as lead Internet guru, web designer/developer and graphic designer. If you’re doing any web marketing, she’s almost certainly cranking on it behind the scenes — but even beyond the digital space, we love to tap her talents.

team, The Marketing Machineteam, The Marketing Machine

Tayloire Queen

Team Navigator

Tayloire keeps our team focused and ensures from the start that we optimize your experience. She assists in defining objectives, tasks and timelines to keep your goals achievable. She quickly builds rapport with our clients and is the perfect liaison to keep the gears moving. By formalizing your ideas and concepts she carefully crafts and monitors your thriving marketing initiatives. With a background in marketing, sales and event planning, she gets what it takes to fine tune the details and deliver desired results.

team, The Marketing Machineteam, The Marketing Machine
team, The Marketing Machineteam, The Marketing Machine
team, The Marketing Machineteam, The Marketing Machine


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