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Branding and Momentum - Paul Spinak

Branding and Momentum

The many facets of branding continually fascinate me, and how we, the consumers, are motivated to establish relationships with companies and their products or services. Many of these developments take place in our subconscious and happen over time. Another element…

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Make the most of your advertising budget - theMmachine

Make the most of your advertising budget

  Once a client has established distinctive, consistent branding, and their marketing goals are defined, advertising is often the next question up. Even those with the most generous advertising budgets have to deal with a common challenge: finite budgets from…

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Branding principles: familiarity - Paul Spinak

Branding principles: familiarity

It's no surprise that I spent a good amount of time over the past 15 years or more thinking about principles of branding, about how we go from knowing nothing about a product or a company to loving it (or…

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B2B Trade Print Advertising - theMmachine

Best practices for B2B Trade Print Advertising

Even in our internet-centered world, trade print advertising still has value for B2B marketing directors—how much depends on the industry, your ad’s effectiveness and how well you leverage the message across other channels. Since print isn’t cheap, consider these best…

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Logos Rock! – Part II - theMmachine

Logos Rock! – Part II

So, where was I? Oh yes, logos and the incredibly important role they play in how the world sees the companies they represent. The first step is asking for help. Thankfully The Marketing Machine is ready and able to help…

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Check out this helpful content marketing article - theMmachine

Check out this helpful content marketing article

We've all heard a lot about content marketing over the past few years -- that is, producing and sharing relevant informational content as a means of staying in front of, and ideally engaging with, prospects/customers. It costs money, takes time,…

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