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Logos Rock! – Part I - theMmachine

Logos Rock! – Part I

Everyone likes logos...they’re graphic and interesting, and very, very personal. So why do we like them so much? And what does it take to make one great? A great logo is simple, clean, memorable, distinctive and appealing to its target…

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Birthday The Marketing Machine turns 15

The Marketing Machine turns 15

The Marketing Machine just passed its 15-year anniversary. That’s a pretty big marker! When I launched TMM back in 1998, I wanted to give small businesses a resource for helping them build and maintain consistent marketing efforts—to turn their marketing…

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Logo icon goes epic - theMmachine

Logo icon goes epic

In the wake of the Boston bombings, there was an immediate need for people to show their support. Many turned to social media to post their feelings, their outrage at what had happened…others chose to use not words, but symbols.…

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Creativity Sparks - theMmachine

Creativity Sparks

  Creativity is a joy. And sometimes it’s worse than pulling teeth. In our business, where at some level creativity is always connected to a timeline, we can’t afford to leave creative thinking to chance, so each of us has…

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Direct marketing by mail – alive and kicking butt - theMmachine

Direct marketing by mail – alive and kicking butt

Direct marketing (or sending marketing messages to prospects and customers individually by mail, email or even door-to-door), can be very cost-effective in the right circumstances. Email marketing has been hot for the past few years, but lately we’ve seen an…

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Make a great first impression

As I decorated my house for the holiday season, I caught myself thinking about why we put such importance on presentation. At Thanksgiving it's the table that friends and family gather around to give thanks. From the tablecloth, to the…

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Question: Got Creative? - theMmachine

Question: Got Creative?

In 1993, the California Milk Processor Board got together under the direction of Goodby Silverstein & Partners and spawned the genius catch phrase "got milk?®". If you pay attention, you'll notice that they still use that tagline today (and it's…

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