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Harness repetition and impact for more effective advertising campaigns

Multi-channel ad campaigns for the cautious, and for the daredevil

Designed to acquire new customers, increase brand awareness, boost sales and maximize ROI, multi-channel advertising campaigns saturate your target market, increasing visual impressions and/or physical “touches.” They can be very effective in lifting market share, educating prospects and customers or driving traffic for short-term promotions, among other goals.

We hate waste as much as our clients do, so we frequently take a phased approach to these types of campaigns, strategically planning them layer by layer, establishing baseline results and adding new efforts over subsequent weeks to assure maximum success. (Not that we can’t do a mega-blast launch if the budget and goals require it, of course—that can be very effective too!)

When we’re designing campaigns that cross media channels, we emphasize imaginative, creative concepts as well as define a crystal-clear messaging strategy. And of course, we carefully implement the campaign elements using a variety of media that will best fit your target audience, your budget and your goals.

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