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Marketing consulting starts with a strategic plan

For fresh perspectives, new solutions, tap our marketing team

Strategic planning is the opening gambit of any marketing effort. From defining your objectives, to developing tactical campaign elements, to discerning which risks are most likely to help you score big, developing a strategy-based marketing plan should be at the heart of your business’ marketing machine. While we all need to be prepared to make nimble moves, good strategy ensures that your mission-critical decisions serve as jet stream, rather than crosswinds.

Our clients frequently involve us at this stage, well before the creative process begins, to review and/or develop a plan for their marketing efforts. They’ve discovered that The Marketing Machine is much more than a creative resource for branding; we are seasoned marketers who help make clients’ own marketing planning process even more successful.

We bring expertise in making the most of each client’s branding, web presence, offline advertising and mobile marketing efforts to help build their business—and strengthen and protect their brand for the long haul. Clients tell us they appreciate our candid “outsider” point-of-view, that so often helps them think through the relative potential of new opportunities, question industry norms and take a more in-depth look at their customers’ needs, wants and trends.

When should you call us? When you:

  • Need help identifying your audience or customer.
  • Need an independent review of your current and/or past marketing strategies.
  • Want to advertise but are unsure of what advertising format would be best for your business.
  • Require assistance in developing a solid, realistic marketing plan.
  • Have difficulty understanding the lifetime value of your customers, and/or determining how much to spend on acquiring a new customer.
  • Know why customers choose your business over others and vice versa.
  • Struggle with generating and/or maintaining new customers.
  • Developing a smarter marketing and/or advertising budget.

Empowering our clients is very important to us, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re on the right track every step of the way. From start to finish, or at any point in between, we’ll help you achieve the results you need to reach your goals. Think of us as your marketing partner.

And once your plans are approved, if you find your in-house staff is stretched thin, don’t worry—we won’t leave you hanging! The Marketing Machine is equipped to act as your entire marketing department, offering step-by-step project management.

Consulting Specialties:

  • Budget Development
  • Conceptual Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management

Just give us a call to give your strategic-planning process a head start.

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