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The Marketing Machine logo design

The Art of a Memorable Logo Design: Tips & Tricks

Your logo is like a signature for your business—a symbol that makes you recognizable. Think about the apple with a bite out of it; that's Apple's logo. It's simple but unforgettable. So, let's dive into logo design and learn how…

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How to Make your Video Irresistible? - theMmachine

How to Make your Video Irresistible

You know video is important in today’s environment, but what type of video should you create—and how can you be sure your video gets attention? Videos are getting top distribution right now—organically—on social media platforms. They’re often shared more, create…

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The Top 3 Essentials for a Good Logo - theMmachine

The Top 3 Essentials for a Good Logo

Logos are everywhere—you probably see more logos than ads each day, or over 6,000 a day—so when it’s time to create or refresh yours, it pays to prioritize these top 3 essentials for a GOOD logo: Expresses the brand’s essence,…

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