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Why Companies Need a Strong Brand Positioning Strategy? - theMmachine

Why Companies Need a Strong Brand Positioning Strategy

Your brand is only as strong as the energy you put into it. Achieving your branding goals requires the synchronization of multiple components to create a perception in your marketplace that drives your business forward. This requires a carefully-crafted brand…

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marketing and advertising budgets

Top Trends in Marketing and Advertising Budgets

Now that most of our clients’ businesses have stabilized enough that they can plan more than a month out, we’re seeing some shifts in the top trends in setting marketing and advertising budgets. When we meet for regular planning sessions…

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Creative marketing strategy

What’s Our Secret? Timing!

Yes, creative masters like (ahem) us have learned to juggle fine marketing initiatives of just about every size and scope as smoothly as a Formula 1 car driver shifts gears… but producing work that works doesn’t come at the push…

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