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TMM Website Working With Us Infographic

There are so many ways to engage with The Marketing Machine.

Plug us in, in the way that makes the most sense for your brand or business situation — whether it’s one project or you need us to be your full-service marketing department. Clients leverage our industry knowledge, experience, approach and unique skill set, leaning on us to bring sophistication and polish to their marketing efforts, and raise their game. We work directly with C-level leadership within an organization, or oftentimes, we’re brought in to support marketing directors who may be running a lean department and need conceptual, design and production resources on a periodic or ongoing basis. Let’s just say we’re flexible.

For less than half the cost of hiring a marketing professional, you get an entire team of skilled craftspeople working for your brand, bringing unique talents and disciplines to the table.

Account Management

Your day-to-day business challenges are ours, too. A dynamic duo of a skilled account executive and account coordinator will give you their all, put sweat in the game and help you advance your goals.


Don’t improvise. Our brand experts will help you find new ways to stand out and stand apart. Nothing is gratuitous. Everything has a purpose.

Creative Direction

We go for smart over clever, for intent over coincidental. We swing for the fences every time. We bring true vision and real depth. Creative direction is where marketing, advertising and creative converge into strategic and visual purpose.

Graphic/Web Design

Our creative team breaks boundaries, forges new paths, takes inspiration and runs with it; above all, we find intelligent ways to bring your brand essence to life. We’re the key makers, the artisans. It’s some real Jedi shit.

Traffic Management

The TMMer in this department is the hub of every job, interfacing with teams and relying on advanced workflow management software to keep designers on track, ensure milestones are met and keep everything moving forward. The Marketing Machine DOES NOT miss deadlines. Ever.


Say it simpler. Say it smarter. Say it better. Let us be the voice of your brand. Good copy is honest, moving, seductive and it resonates with people. In fact, we’re seducing you right now with this delicious wordsmithing.

Media Planning

Allocate your dollars across the right channels. Let’s make marketing investments that generate real and measurable returns. No Ouija boards here.


We follow AP Style and thrive on achieving flawless execution on every piece that goes out our door. You’ll simply freak at our level of detail.


TMM Website Working With Us Infographic

With a full range of skills and creative savvy behind you, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s build and implement a well rounded, full spectrum marketing plan.

Step 1: Building a Strong Foundation for Your Brand

  • Logo
  • Core Messaging (Establishing your company’s voice and messaging)
  • Brand Guidelines (Establishing rules for your company’s look & feel)

Step 2: Expanding Branding into Marketing Materials

  • Signage (Storefront, Billboards, etc)
  • Collateral (Business Cards, Brochures, etc)
  • Website Design & Development

Step 3: Spreading the Word About Your Brand and Getting Customers in the Door

  • Marketing Campaigns (Multi-channel campaigns)
  • Traditional Marketing (TV, Radio, Direct Mail)
  • Digital & Social Marketing (Emails, Pay-per-click, Social Posts & Ads)

We are a vertically agnostic agency.

Drawing on more than 25 years of working across multiple industries, we have the clarity and insight to avoid well-worn paths and industry clichés, and bring something new to the table.

We can plug directly into your market or business situation. We on-board quickly and will channel our marketing expertise, guiding you toward memorable and consistent messaging, better creative and smarter media planning. All of which results in effective positioning, new leads and a wider customer base. We’re well-versed in all aspects of traditional, digital and social marketing, so wherever your customers are we’ll find them.

Click on the links below and dive deeper.



If it’s going to be seen, it should be designed. Match books, building/vehicle wraps, annual reports, corporate collateral, signage and more. You name it, we do it ­– with taste, style and purpose.



From landing pages and design refreshes to fully developed product and corporate websites, we’ve got you covered. Responsive. Search engine optimized. Functional. User-friendly.



Think beyond stock footage and images. Under TMM’s creative leadership, our teams work with talented directors/editors and photographers to bring your original videos, motion graphic commercials and ad campaigns to life.


“The Marketing Machine has worked with InstantGMP over the past 5 years to create informative, professionally formatted content such as a new website, video production, etc. that promotes awareness of us in our target markets, and the benefits those domains can realize from our products. Their involvement has helped InstantGMP expand our presence as an expert company that develops software that reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices.”

InstantGMP Inc.

“You guys make the best stuff!”

Instant GMP

“I just wanted to say The Marketing Machine team is outstanding. Everything TMM has done for us has been top notch, Fortune 500 level. It would be hard to tell we are a small team of 9 from the video, website, and core messaging you created for us. Thank you for an amazing collaborative experience.”

Jessica Hoffman
First Analytics

“The HPN Select staff here in Raleigh appreciates the amount of work that TMM have put into our business. I know we are all over the place sometimes, but from our perspective on Glenwood Ave we like the work that’s being done, and from where I sit… having been here 4 years now… We’ve never had anything that has come close to what we have now.”

Christopher Frederick
HPN Select

“TMM team developed a messaging foundation we so desperately needed. The way they captured our essence is much like a spouse, they know us and get us like no one else. Impressive work.”

Jessica Hoffman
First Analytics

We have worked with The Marketing Machine on numerous projects over the years from brochures, to logos, to websites and branding. Without a doubt, the results have always been amazing. Paul has a keen sense of what his clients are looking for, and he guides his team to deliver great products that meet a customer’s expectations and budget.

NCRMA – North Carolina Retail Merchants Association
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