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Custom Logo Design!

Before doing anything else, do this: make sure you have a kick-ass logo that authentically represents your brand.

Your logo is your brand’s entire identity and soul.

Whether it’s a graphic icon that captures the spirit and culture of your business/company, or an original type treatment design that expresses your unique personality, a custom logo will set you apart and set the tone for who you are as an organization. Ultimately, it’s your principal branding element and needs to forge an emotional connection with your customers. 

Our seasoned designers craft hot custom logo designs from scratch that aim to encapsulate your brand’s entire identity and soul. It’s more than a cool graphic or pretty picture.

Your logo should not, and will not, look like anyone else’s.

Before setting out to create a new logo, our design team meets with you and other stakeholders within your company to extract the essence of your brand, the long-term vision for your company and what you hope your new logo will communicate.

With clarity and alignment, we explore a range of solutions, coming at it from every possible angle. The end result is an original brand logo design that no one else can claim or copy.

Hire a designer and get a pretty logo. Hire us and get something much deeper.

When you partner with us, you get more than just a custom logo. You get the full force of branding and strategy expertise built into your logo and brand identity. We devise ways to disseminate your company’s purpose to customers and implement your brand in the market in ways that differentiate you from your competitors.

Give us a call at 919.460.7978

We will be happy to answer any questions you have to help you determine if we are the best branding agency in Raleigh to help you build your brand.


Our Proven Branding Process

Step 1: Discover icon

STEP 1: Discover

We want to know everything about your brand. Our discovery process consists of a detailed questionnaire, in-person team member interviews and discussions on how you, your customers and your competitors perceive your brand.

5-8 business days

STEP 2: Develop Icon

STEP 2: Develop

After the discovery phase, our strategists develop a creative brief that serves as a roadmap for logo design. The goal is to make sure we’ve heard and accurately captured your input and ideas and are heading in the right direction.

2-3 business days

Step 3: Create Icon

STEP 3: Create

Our creative team researches, sketches, brainstorms and explores a wealth of concepts that are fresh, unusual and bold, yet always on strategy. Typically, a handful of logos and ideas will rise to the top and begin to take shape.

10-15 business days

Step 4: Deliver Icon

STEP 4: Deliver

We put our best ideas on the table and provide a framework for judging the logos. We give you a few days to review the designs, and with your feedback, make the final tweaks. Then, we polish everything up and package for launch.

7-10 business days

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