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Digital Marketing

Generate leads. Connect to your customers. Drive business.

Today, so much of the customer experience, occurs online. So it’s vital for brands to have a clear online presence along with a compelling story to tell.

At the Marketing Machine, we will translate your brand narrative into a well-honed and executable digital strategy, and develop moments of engagement that inspire and lead to action. While a campaign’s marketing mix may call for display banner ads, preroll video, landing pages and retargeting efforts among other tactics, our real objective is to weave together a consistent online and offline brand story that stands out and feels authentic.

Meet your customers where they are.

A smart digital strategy will allow you to have an equally powerful and recognizable presence in your customers’ lives – whether they drive by a storefront or encounter your brand online.

Partner with us and benefit from having a digitally-savvy team on your side. We have collectively conceived, designed and launched countless websites and digital campaigns and we’re ready to do it for you. We use all available online spaces, platforms, environments and tools at our disposal to tell your story and encourage interactions. Let us convert interest into action and action into dollars.

Rick Levine, author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, said: “Authenticity, honesty, and personal vice underlie much of what’s successful on the web.” We couldn’t agree more!

Let us help tell your story. Give us a call at 919.460.7978 to start a conversation.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have to help you determine if we are the right agency for you.


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