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Advertising Vendor Management

Leave the nitty gritty to us.

When you hire us to be your marketing agency, you want, and get, the full-service treatment. That means we don’t just release files to media outlets and move on, or send you a bunch of logo vector files and tell you to have at it. No. At The Marketing Machine, we over-deliver by taking on the role and responsibility of managing all the vendors involved in bringing a campaign or initiative to life.

We know how to read and make sense of a media kit. We speak all the wonky terminology commercial print shops like to throw around. We’ve worked with display companies to get point-of-purchase and environmental creative up and out. Our job is to eliminate the confusion and advocate on your behalf.

Stay focused on running your business.

As your partner, we make managing and interfacing with vendors our business so you can stay focused on yours. By tapping into our proven implementation experience, you can take a deep breath knowing we’ve got every angle covered.

As the saying goes, 90% of business strategies fail in the execution. Not when you have The Marketing Machine in your corner.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Dive Deeper!

Learn more about what we can do to ignite your brand:



If it’s going to be seen, it should be designed. Match books, building/vehicle wraps, annual reports, corporate collateral, signage and more. You name it, we do it ­– with taste, style and purpose.



From landing pages and design refreshes to fully developed product and corporate websites, we’ve got you covered. Responsive. Search engine optimized. Functional. User-friendly.



Think beyond stock footage and images. Under TMM’s creative leadership, our teams work with talented directors/editors and photographers to bring your original videos, motion graphic commercials and ad campaigns to life.


“The Marketing Machine has worked with InstantGMP over the past 5 years to create informative, professionally formatted content such as a new website, video production, etc. that promotes awareness of us in our target markets, and the benefits those domains can realize from our products. Their involvement has helped InstantGMP expand our presence as an expert company that develops software that reinforce Good Manufacturing Practices.”

InstantGMP Inc.

“You guys make the best stuff!”

Instant GMP

“I just wanted to say The Marketing Machine team is outstanding. Everything TMM has done for us has been top notch, Fortune 500 level. It would be hard to tell we are a small team of 9 from the video, website, and core messaging you created for us. Thank you for an amazing collaborative experience.”

Jessica Hoffman
First Analytics

“The HPN Select staff here in Raleigh appreciates the amount of work that TMM have put into our business. I know we are all over the place sometimes, but from our perspective on Glenwood Ave we like the work that’s being done, and from where I sit… having been here 4 years now… We’ve never had anything that has come close to what we have now.”

Christopher Frederick
HPN Select

“TMM team developed a messaging foundation we so desperately needed. The way they captured our essence is much like a spouse, they know us and get us like no one else. Impressive work.”

Jessica Hoffman
First Analytics

We have worked with The Marketing Machine on numerous projects over the years from brochures, to logos, to websites and branding. Without a doubt, the results have always been amazing. Paul has a keen sense of what his clients are looking for, and he guides his team to deliver great products that meet a customer’s expectations and budget.

NCRMA – North Carolina Retail Merchants Association
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