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Marketing Automation

We can help you engage in true, one-to-one marketing with your customers.

Optimize your marketing efforts. We can help.

What if instead of blasting out an email to every customer on your list and hoping it connects, you could email one customer, personalize your messaging, and track their unique journey with your brand?

What if a single interaction by a customer automatically triggered a series of targeted emails that moved him or her forward on the path toward a sale?

What if you could create and program a series of ‘set it and forget it’ emails where customers instantly receive messages based on their behavior and how they interact and engage with your brand or site?

Marketing automation unlocks the power to:

  • Track and enhance customer engagement
  • Create a personalized experience
  • Convert interest to a sale
  • Educate, inform and connect
  • Support your sales teams’ efforts

The Marketing Machine is proud to be a SharpSpring Certified Marketing Automation Partner.

We’ve helped a number of our clients transition from traditional email marketing and augment their efforts with successful marketing automation strategies. Working together, we can help you create a tailored, more ongoing and more focused and engaged customer experience.


When a customer interacts with your website in a given way (as defined by your rules) the system triggers a series of automated emails. You define the customer journeys. We build out the logic, design the emails, upload them into the system and activate everything. Best of all, we are always available for ongoing support.

1. Landing Page Funnel

A potential customer clicks on an ad and visits your website or landing page.

2. Drip Campaign

The potential customer completes an action that triggers a series of strategic email delivery.

3. Sales Funnel

The potential customer travels through the sales funnel until a conversion happens.


Leveraging SharpSpring technology, we can go beyond automated emails and help you take advantage of key features that can benefit your business. These include:


Know who’s viewing your site and when. VisitorID allows you to track known leads and anonymous visitors. This is vital information that lets know where and how to allocate your marketing resources.

Lead Scoring

Not all leads are created equal. Lead Scoring allows you to set your own parameters for ranking leads. You determine what makes a bad, good or great lead. Then, the prioritizing technology does the rest.

SharpSpring CRM

Imagine having marketing automation and customer relationship management, all in a single platform. Track opportunities. View monetary values of completed sales. Create up to seven types of opportunity reports. And much more.

Gain an advantage and drive more leads with all-in-one marketing automation


Let us help tell your story. Call us today at 919.460.7878 to start a conversation.


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