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Website Development Services

Dominate the market with a killer effective website.

Website design that ignites your brand.

Your website is your online store, showroom and boardroom. It’s a gallery to showcase your brand, its values and your products or services. And it’s where customers go to get information and transact business.

We believe that a good website does more than just sell products and services. To be effective, it needs to:

  • Provide a robust online presence.
  • Strengthen your reputation as an expert in your industry.
  • Present your organization as a stable and trustworthy company.
  • Deliver values to both current and prospective customers.

Our Methodology

Our approach focuses on optimizing the user experience and being responsive to what your visitors want. For example, where they browse and how they access information.

As a professional website design company, we create compelling sites with a focus on search engine optimization. Each one of our websites is built to be found, and is designed, written and developed according to an architecture that enables and enhances your business goals.

Four Principles of Good Website Design

While the look and feel of your site are important, visitors are coming to complete an action. They need to find information or make a purchase. Design simplicity enables your users, regardless of technical ability, to find what they want, quickly and without confusion or frustration.

This involves organizing different elements of the website in such a way that feels natural but also steers visitors in the most logical direction. Following this sound design principle help users find what they need and optimizes their experience.

Mobile Internet usage now tops desktop, and having a responsive website is paramount to ensure accessibility for all users. We design websites that can be viewed on any device and are equally accessible to users with hearing, vision or speech disabilities.

A customer-centric website highlights benefits to the consumer, providing information that goes beyond a sales pitch. It builds credibility with a value-based approach. All of our websites are based on best SEO practices to ensure findability through organic search results.

What type of website do you need?

According to experts, there are four main types of websites. To give clear purpose for your traffic, every well-structured site should fit into one of these primary categories:

The most common type of business website is aimed at generating sales leads. Whether these are online leads requiring follow-up by sales people or simply basic promotional material such as product and service information, the purpose is to spark interest in prospective customers.

Any type of website that sells products or services online is an e-commerce site. The principle is the same whether it’s a Business-to-Consumer site where customers place grocery orders online, or a Business-to-Business site where clients order bulk raw materials for manufacturing.

These types of websites offer subscriptions such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), IT help desks, reading of online publications or streaming video such as Netflix. Membership-based sites allow users to participate in the provision of virtual services for a regular fee.

This type of website provides detailed knowledge-based data, usually for educational purposes.

While there are four ‘website categories,’ know that there are multiple iterations and design variations within each one. Let’s envision and create yours.

Let us help tell your story. Give us a call at 919.460.7978 to start a conversation.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have to help you determine if we are the right agency for you.


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