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Ignite your brand with a vibrant website design!

Every business needs a good website. It isn’t just about selling your goods and services, although as we all know that’s the leading reason for being in business. It’s also about:

  • having a robust online presence,
  • building your reputation as an expert in your industry,
  • presenting the image of a stable, trustworthy company, and
  • offering current and prospective customers something of value.

That might all sound like a tall order for a website to fulfill, but with the right website design company in your corner, it’s more than possible to do. If you’re reading this, you’ve realized you have a need for a website, and we’re going to answer all your questions, right here and now!

4 Principles of a Good Website Design

Your website is your store, showroom and boardroom, all online. It’s a gallery to showcase your brand, its values and your products or services. It’s where customers go to get information and to do business with you.

To enable your website to fulfill all these requirements, the design needs to follow certain principles:

#1: Simplicity

The look and feel of your site are important, but visitors aren’t coming to judge you on those points. They’re coming to complete an action, such as to find information or to make a purchase. Simplicity enables people with many different levels of technical ability to find what they want, quickly and without fuss.

#2: Sound Architectural Structure and Navigability

This is closely tied to the principle of simplicity and involves organizing the different elements of the website in a way that feels natural but steers visitors in the most logical direction. It optimizes your site for the user’s experience to reduce frustration and loss of traffic. Intuitive navigation is vital to help users find what they need painlessly, without having to give it extensive thought.

#3: Accessibility and Responsiveness

With statistics showing mobile Internet usage now tops desktop, having a responsive website is paramount to ensure accessibility for all users. In addition to enabling your visitor to view the site on any device, accessibility of design ensures that even users with hearing, vision and speech disabilities have equal opportunity to obtain the information they need from you.

#4: Customer Centricity

In the days of traditional marketing, profitability often depended on your website delivering information about the company, the product or service. It was features-based and made much of the supplier’s claim to fame, credentials and portfolio. A customer-centric website now focuses on highlighting the benefits to the consumer, providing information that goes beyond a sales pitch, and building credibility with a value-based approach.

It’s also vital for your website to be based on the best Raleigh SEO practices, to ensure findability in your marketplace through organic search results.

Types of Websites

According to the experts, four main types of websites exist, and every well-structured site should fit into one of these primary categories:

  1. Lead generation – the most common type of business website is aimed at generating sales leads. Whether these are online leads requiring follow-up by sales people or simply basic promotional material such as product and service information, their purpose is to interest prospective customers in checking out their offerings.
  2. eCommerce – any type of website that sells products or services online is basically an e-commerce site. Whether this is a site for B2C customers to place grocery orders, or for B2B clients to order bulk raw materials for manufacturing purposes, the principle is the same.
  3. Membership – websites offering subscriptions such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), IT help desks, reading of online publications or streaming video such as Netflix, membership-based sites allow users to participate in the provision of virtual services for a regular fee.
  4. Informational – this type of website provides detailed knowledge-based data, usually for educational purposes of some sort.

Of course, there are multiple different iterations of each type of website, but if your site doesn’t broadly match one of these four criteria, it’s likely you’re missing out on having a clear purpose for your traffic.

Our Methodology

Our approach to building websites focuses on optimizing your users’ experience and being responsive to what your visitors want, where they’re browsing and how they want to get information.

As a professional website design company, we create compelling websites with a focus on search engine optimization. Each of our websites is built to be found, and is designed, written and developed according to an architecture that enables and enhances what you want to accomplish.


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“TMM team developed a messaging foundation we so desperately needed. The way they captured our essence is much like a spouse, they know us and get us like no one else. Impressive work.”

Jessica Hoffman
First Analytics

We have worked with The Marketing Machine on numerous projects over the years from brochures, to logos, to websites and branding. Without a doubt, the results have always been amazing. Paul has a keen sense of what his clients are looking for, and he guides his team to deliver great products that meet a customer's expectations and budget.

NCRMA – North Carolina Retail Merchants Association

The most exciting thing is we would have a meeting, we would leave with objectives, they would leave with objectives. When we came back, we were always surprised, and always pleasantly surprised...they never missed the ball.

Ed Boiar
Delve Interiors

TMM has performed beyond our expectations, acting like a true marketing partner...helping us stay on top of opportunities...

Pamela Scherer
Blue Ridge OB/GYN

We have been working with The Marketing Machine since 2011 and during that time, they have become an extension of our staff. They take the time to listen and work collaboratively, while providing new and innovative ideas to help increase brand awareness. We are fortunate to work with such a dynamic, fun and creative team that delivers top notch service.

Sharla Seidel
The Canine Health Foundation

Paul and his team at The Marketing Machine are absolutely amazing at what they do. I needed my corporate identity redesigned, sales material, and a new website. Paul took me through the process and made sure we met the deadlines that had been set. The designs and the experience was far better than I could have imagined. For the best design work, with true professionals, I highly recommend The Marketing Machine.

Braxton Bell
Owner, Braxton's Auto Advantage
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