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Branding Fundamentals

I have always been fascinated with branding, and how we, the consumers, establish relationships with companies and their products or services. I believe the stronger and more focused a brands execution is, the more it resonates with potential customers and the marketplace. You can easily see this with large companies like Coke, or Apple, but it’s just as important for every company to implement some of the fundamental aspects of branding. Of course this starts with a strong logo, but should also be conveyed at every “touch point” along the way including websites, collateral, sales materials, email signatures, trade shows, etc. But, it’s not just the visual elements that make a brand. A brand is also etched in the way a company does business, the way they answer the phone, or handle problems, or what charities they align themselves with. All working together, a perception is formed that defines a company’s personality or identity.

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