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Welding, Photography, Writing Some of Many Hobbies for Creative Services Team

RALEIGH, N.C. – Innovative creative services agency The Marketing Machine ( continues to produce eye-catching designs and successful, thought-provoking marketing campaigns for clients thanks to a team motivated by creativity for the sake of being creative.

Following their passions for sculpture, painting, photography, writing and more drives members of the agency’s creative services team to apply that same creativity on the job.

“We encourage a creativity-friendly business environment,” The Marketing Machine (TMM) President Paul Spinak said, adding, “There’s a definite personality behind our company and creativity is at the core.”

That “personality” helps shake out state-of-the-art website designs, innovative email marketing campaigns and graphic design for logos and marketing collateral material, Spinak explained. His team of talented, high-energy professionals enjoys being creative and working with one another, he said, due in part to a common interest in all things artistic.

Outside of business hours, TMM team members are writers, painters, sculptors and musicians who use their art forms to express their ideas and connect with their communities, as well as explore new techniques and directions. During the day, they take their work just as seriously, coming up with creative solutions for each client’s individual needs.

Spinak’s pursuit is metalworking, incorporating everyday items such as drum stands and flashing into functional art such as side tables and picture frames. Currently, he has his first full-size sculpture (a metal galaxy) hanging in the center of Margaux’s Restaurant (North Raleigh). Painting is a favorite of many TMM members, but they enjoy other media as well: Art Director Erika Chapman also has a passion for chalk pastels; Designer and “Interactive Guru” Angela Scala paints murals and engages in creative screen printing; and Brand Advocate Wendy Harrington makes animal figures from clay, while also carving out time for blogging and writing her first novel.

Headquartered in The Professional Building, an art deco landmark in downtown Raleigh smack dab in the middle of the cultural happenings in the vibrant southern city, TMM staffers are exposed to a diverse community fully engaged in art and music, working alongside thousands of brilliant entrepreneurs and professionals at some of the most important businesses in the US.

This atmosphere helps create an environment of excitement and innovation in the team that is passed along to clients in the work that they perform in TMM’s open-air space, at home and anywhere team members can spread out and feel inspired.

“There are no suits or ties, because they’re not necessary to help us produce better work. Instead we focus our attention on whatever it takes to support standout creative, fresh strategies and effective messaging. That includes clear processes and schedules, allowing people the freedom to experiment, working with clients to articulate clear goal statements—and even giving team members the flexibility to ensure that life outside the office is going smoothly, too,” Spinak said.

“Our unique vibe continues to attract the interest of creative talent and has enabled us to build productive relationships with talented vendors we call upon when the need arises,” he added.

The Marketing Machine provides comprehensive branding, marketing expertise and strategy, campaign planning, project management and graphic design solutions. The agency’s clients rely on its portfolio of essential core services to keep their brands in front of prospects and customers and to grow their market share.

Providing quality, innovative marketing consulting; advertising campaign development; creative services; web design, strategy, and Internet advertising; direct mail; email marketing; and a wide array of supporting services such as video production, photography and public relations, TMM’s services are designed to connect clients with their customers, engaging with them to create messages that resonate in the midst of constant noise and clutter of competitors.

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About The Marketing Machine
The Marketing Machine is your go-to partner for comprehensive branding, marketing expertise and strategy, campaign planning, project management and graphic-design solutions. We’re an innovative creative services agency specializing in helping our customers grow their business, whether it’s a company getting serious about their marketing or a high-profile nonprofit or corporation whose marcom staff is wearing too many hats and needs a reliable partner. The Marketing Machine boasts years of experience and expertise working with business owners, C-level executives and marketing directors as an outsourced member of their internal teams, enabling TMM to address every project with open communication and a focus on professionalism. Our creativity-friendly business structure and location in the heart of the action in downtown Raleigh help create an environment of excitement and innovation in our team that is passed along to our clients in the work we do. Learn more about how you can start building and maintaining a strong brand at

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