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Rebranding to help catapult your company into the future

Rebranding is usually required when your company needs to update its positioning to stay current with market trends in your specific industry, shed negative images, differentiate from competitors, create a new entity as a result of a merger or acquisition or reflect a new entity after a renaming or repositioning.

The rebranding process is similar to branding, in that we’re uncovering and putting a “face” on what makes you stand out from the crowd and why that “certain something” is fabulous. In the REbranding process, however, you have a few additional challenges to consider, including some as broad as evolving your thinking, and as specific as the logistics involved with the rollout.

Evolving your thinking in a corporate rebranding effort

Evolution is inevitable in any company as it grows, and it’s only natural for the company to need to grow into a new brand. Revamping your corporate persona requires thinking beyond what your company is and considering what it can become. You must be ready and willing to let go of things from the past—even some you may have felt were perfect—in order to step into your future. We’ve got the experience to help make that process a little easier.

Rolling out your new brand

Mixing brand messages is a sure way to derail your successful rebranding—and the business goals that created the need for the rebranding. Most companies have large quantities of existing collateral and messaging in the public eye, yet to ensure the rebranding investment is successful, you’ll need to ensure the whole company is on board with the rebranding strategy AND that they’re willing to be consistent.

If your company has had an established brand for a number of years in multiple locations, it’s smart to allow several months to go through the rebranding process once your new look is approved, from signage and display graphics to collateral and media. It takes a careful plan to make sure this is implemented without a hitch. As the new brand emerges, we also recommend you put a PR campaign in place to announce the rebranded you to the world.

Examples of logo rebranding for some of our clients:

logo design and rebranding

Done well, a rebranding can be well worth the effort, and can truly jump-start your business. So if that’s what your firm will need this year, relax…give us a call. We’ve helped many companies through the process to an exciting future.

Rebranding Project Examples

  • New Logos & Corporate Identity
  • Direct Mail
  • Internet Advertising
  • Print Ads
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Sales Materials & Collateral
  • Signage

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