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Eye-catching graphic design helps Guardian Logistics Solutions make a bold move

The Situation:

Late in 2013, one of our clients came to a big realization: though they were operating like three distinct entities, they would be both more efficient and more effective if they combined their separate-but-related services under one umbrella.From a business standpoint this seemed like a no-brainer, but in their industry such “one-stop shopping” isn’t the norm. While some might see that as a barrier, this client knew their market and embraced the direction as innovation. Their strategy has long been to sidestep industry expectations and what is easy in favor of fulfilling their target audience’s actual needs—and this was just another natural extension. (Begin with the customer in mind? What a quaint concept!)

Our Challenge:

We knew that this bold business move demanded an equally bold campaign to help it succeed. The client’s leadership team joined us for a brainstorming around ways to help their audience quickly grasp both the innovative range of services they were offering, and the classic customer-driven attitude that powered their business decisions. In the way that happens in brainstorming, the idea of having an icon for each service morphed into a map to illustrate their interconnections, which adopted the feel of a classic 1950’s-style “hometown hero” experience.

The result:

a very modern, high-energy illustration custom-crafted with layers of illustration (we specifically started with stock images for efficiency’s sake), into an entirely unique graphic that blends charming familiarity with practical example. Various hidden-image elements are being injected as part of a contest series to encourage prospects and customers alike to take a closer look at Guardian. And so through website, email and other media, this unique graphic design is helping to spread the word that “Logisticsville, home of Guardian Logistics Solutions” is the team to talk to for Pickup and Delivery, Order Fulfillment and Warehousing in NC.

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