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Branding principles: familiarity

It’s no surprise that I spent a good amount of time over the past 15 years or more thinking about principles of branding, about how we go from knowing nothing about a product or a company to loving it (or hating it). So I thought I’d share some of my weekend thought explorations with you. “Familiarity” is the first in the series; hopefully you’ll pick up some ideas that can help you strengthen your brand.

Familiarity is among the strongest facets you can build. But why is that? Why do we do things, look for things, that are familiar? One reason, I believe, is that people like to know what to expect… they like to be comfortable… they like peace of mind. (And, of course, sometimes we’re just lazy.)

Don’t be passive about this stuff though. Like I said in the video, start paying attention to how you make your choices, how you streamline your day. How could you help people feel that your brand is the most familiar? What would happen to your company if that were true?

If you want to brainstorm a bit on this, just give us a call. It’s what we love to do.

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