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How to Make your Video Irresistible

You know video is important in today’s environment, but what type of video should you create—and how can you be sure your video gets attention?

Videos are getting top distribution right now—organically—on social media platforms. They’re often shared more, create more engagement and can achieve higher conversion rates than other media. That’s all great news, right?

It is, but before you set your team on a video-making mission, it’s critical to ask yourself what you’ll actually be saying through your video. And we don’t just mean through the literal script (or ”un-script” if you’re creating impromptu videos).

Use a range of video styles to create natural audience connection

Your videos communicate through many layers of messaging:

  • the words spoken, and on-screen;
  • the style used—from informal to high-production value; live shoot to interview; animation to motion graphics—or a combination of these
  • the mood and tone created—serious to lighthearted;
  • when and where it’s distributed.

All these elements contribute to the story your brand is telling, and add shine to different facets of your brand story. It’s perfectly acceptable—even encouraged—to share many different facets of your brand over time; doing so can help convey the much-talked-about “authenticity” that helps grow a connection with your audience.

To be sure your video gets attention for the right reasons, you’ll want to match the type of message to the type of video. And you’ll want your videos, taken as a whole, to support the overall brand personality and credibility that you want to establish.

Think of it as being on a spectrum from the most literal, polished and/or professional interpretation of your brand, to the most casual, human and vulnerable. Have you decided what your spectrum looks like?

While rules are made to be broken, many times the messages that come from your overall business or corporate persona lean toward the professional side… those that come from individual team members tend to be less formal. But how do you decide what that range should be, and what’s going to work best for your situation and goals?

To help your video be irresistible: ask these 5 questions

Just as with all your marketing and/or communications messages, it’s important to take a little time to be sure that what you’re saying through your video is just what you intended.

Here are 5 questions to ask before you decide how to roll.

Who are you intending to speak to? Who’s your audience?

Getting clear on who your specific audience is, and what they’re likely to want from you, will make or break your level of impact.

Why should people care? What’s in it for them?

 What’s in it for your viewer? Why should people take time out to watch—let alone act?

What should people remember and/or do?

Just like growing a friendship, each communication you share gives people a little glimpse into who your company is. What impression do you want to to leave them with? And what do you want them to do after watching?

How long will it take to make your point?

Video length is driven by your goal, how long it takes to tell your story, and the interest level of your audience. Tickle interest with an emotion-driving 15-second Instagram or Facebook Story. Inspire viewers to hit the “learn more” button with a 30-60 second promo. Answer questions with a 5-15 minute demo or how-to video.  Teach them with an-depth 30-minute training video.

What’s your primary goal for this video?

Creating a video is a complex process, so clarifying your goal in a single sentence will help you stay focused during production, and help you evaluate your video’s effectiveness during editing so it’s effective when you’re ready to release it.


Once you’re clear on these key questions, you’ll be in a much better position to create the impact you want, and be sure your video gets attention for all the right reasons.

If having a convenient, flexible, professional studio will help you create videos to accomplish your business goals, we’d be remiss not to let you know that TMM Studios is open, and here to help. And the TMM team is always here to help you with concept, development and production to make your commercial or video deliver the powerful impact you want!

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