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How does a company know when it is time to use a marketing agency?

Marketing is an essential part of any business and small businesses in particular may wonder when it’s time use a marketing agency versus in-house or ad hoc staff for their marketing efforts. Here are a few things to consider in determining if your business is ready to seek out a marketing agency.
  1. Your in-house marketing efforts are not producing the desired results.

    A good marketing plan will include branding, messaging, market research, creative design, website design, email, traditional marketing, digital marketing, media buying and more. No one person can be proficient in all aspects of a good marketing strategy and plan. With an agency, a business can utilize a whole team of experienced and skilled professionals to help you understand your audience and market, brand your company, define your voice, and design and deploy marketing initiatives to help your business grow.

  2. You need a fresh perspective on your marketing strategy.

    Ever forget to look at the forest when you’re down in the weeds? An experienced marketing agency can help elevate your marketing strategy to identify your business strengths and your competitive position and find opportunities to increase your sales funnel. Agencies work with dozens of clients in all types of industries that utilize many different tactics to grow their business. They stay aware of the latest marketing trends and developments. An agency can bring those years of experience to help your company too.

  3. It’s time to take it to the next level.

    If your company has just maintained its results or if you feel that your company may be losing ground to competition or not growing as much as you want, a marketing agency may be the catalyst you need to elevate your business results. Agencies bring a non-biased perspective to your business. They can help identify things that your competition is doing or what trends are best for your industry or audience. They can help you analyze your results and point out how marketing can help fill your sales funnel and improve your brand and message.

  4. You are ready to commit.

    A good marketing agency will challenge your business and inspire you to get re-energized about your business. They will bring fresh ideas, skills, tactics and results to help your business increase sales and attract talent. Businesses that are the most successful working with marketing agencies believe in marketing and how essential it is to the business. They are ready to commit their time and money to invest in their company through effective and efficient marketing efforts. And they are patient enough to stay the course with their investment in marketing and look at results over time versus overnight.

Working with a marketing agency can be more affordable than you might think. Often a business can work with an entire agency team of strategists, designers, copywriters, analysts and account managers for less than the cost of one full-time employee. Are you ready to have your business work with a marketing agency?
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