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Keys to rebranding success #3: Launch your brand

Successfully rebranding a company is one of the most satisfying efforts we get involved with—and usually this is true for our clients as well as our internal team. Like launching a rocket or delivering a baby, a new and very visible creation has taken up its place in the world! So much time and effort goes into uncovering and then developing the new brand, including keys #1 (Know your target customer) and #2 (Know what makes you unique), you certainly want to make sure nothing goes awry when you launch your brand.

Ensure you launch your brand successfully
As your branding effort moves forward, we recognize that rolling out updated materials, signage, an online presence, products, services and so forth simultaneously can be time-consuming and costly. If there’s any way you can swing it, however, this is the very best approach—clean, attention-getting, PR-worthy and minimally confusing to your customers.

If this is the route you take, be thorough. Walk through all the places and spaces where you show up in front of a customer or vendor and ensure the new branding appears. Confirm that the experience they will have of you in each instance is consistent with your brand essence. Sounds easy, but you’ll be amazed at how many touch points exist in today’s world.

If a synchronous launch is too rich for your blood (or the idea too unsettling for your stomach), prioritize the efforts based on your income pipeline. Start by updating those items:

  1. everyone will see first and,
  2. that will drive the greatest number of the most important people into action.

There can be quite a bit of variation depending on the business and audience, but in general we suggest the following rollout order: stationery, website, existing customer communications (remember the 80/20 rule?), new customer acquisition efforts (employ the 80/20 rule here, too).

An additional key we must point out, is that in our highly saturated, full-on visual world, good design is something that has more influence on audiences than ever before.  A good design captures your brand essence and turns it into a powerful visual that’s irresistible to your target audience.  You can bet we’ll share more about good design in future posts!

Have you launched a new brand recently?  As always, we’d love to hear about your branding and re-branding!

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