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How our flexible model delivers more creativity & agility for you reached out several months ago to learn more about how The Marketing Machine’s innovative hybrid structure helped the agency be more profitable—and respond better to clients’ needs.

We were stoked to see the resulting article that appeared in the “Run & Grow” category, especially because “Run” and “Grow” are what we and most of our clients are focused on!

The article does a great job of summarizing the before-during-after highlights; what didn’t get as much play was the way the hybrid structure helps us be more responsive and creative in our client deliverables. Combining a central core of “staff” with a team of talented, pre-vetted freelancers means we can:

  • hand-pick the right staffers for strategy, project management, creative and studio work to meet the demands of each client and project;
  • keep client fees competitively low by limiting overhead costs and minimizing downtime;
  • staff up quickly so we can handle more jobs at the same time, allowing us to better meet the fluctuating demands of new clients and/or seasonal campaigns, without reducing our responsiveness to ongoing client needs.

So, thank you to all our clients, who’ve helped us get to where we are today, and thank you for highlighting our business model. Read the article.



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