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The Story of Max

The Marketing Machine recently helped create a unique new superhero: "Max," of CenterEdge Software. The client tasked us with developing this unique character as an outgrowth of a very successful B2B advertising campaign that we created for them in 2013;…

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Branding Fundamentals

I have always been fascinated with branding, and how we, the consumers, establish relationships with companies and their products or services. I believe the stronger and more focused a brands execution is, the more it resonates with potential customers and…

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Branding and Momentum

The many facets of branding continually fascinate me, and how we, the consumers, are motivated to establish relationships with companies and their products or services. Many of these developments take place in our subconscious and happen over time. Another element…

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Make the most of your advertising budget

  Once a client has established distinctive, consistent branding, and their marketing goals are defined, advertising is often the next question up. Even those with the most generous advertising budgets have to deal with a common challenge: finite budgets from…

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Branding principles: familiarity

It's no surprise that I spent a good amount of time over the past 15 years or more thinking about principles of branding, about how we go from knowing nothing about a product or a company to loving it (or…

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